Artist Wines No. 8

ARTIST WINES! - Uncorking musician-priced cellar secrets

Select Red, OKV Okanagan Vineyards, BC VQA 2012

Price: $9.99  SBH Rating: ♪♬ 🎶♬ ☼☼

This is a mystery blend selling at just under $10 a bottle. That's here in BC. In the rest of the world this bottle would sell for about $3 or $4 and at that price how could you be disappointed? Worth every penny! This is actually a pretty good pizza wine. Loads of cherries, a hint of apricot, and while it isn't velvety going down, I would definitely put it in the category of velveteen. The homebrew-like label is especially hideous though and might put your guests off, so I recommend pouring this into another vessel for an extra special artist wine experience. Even an old milk jug would look better. (What were they thinking?!)

Drink with: Minnie Riperton's Midnight at the Oasis