Artist Wines No. 15

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Sinfonia, Monastrell Cabernet Sauvignon, Jumilla, Spain 2013

Price: $11.99 (on sale!) SBH Rating: ♪🏡🌳🍓🍒♫🎶

One day a Cab Sav and a Mourvèdre met in the fields of Murcia and fell in love. They built a house out of oak, surrounded it with juicy berry bushes, sprinkled it with black pepper, lit a fire, brewed some licorice tea, and called it Sinfonia. They were very happy there, but everyone around was bemused by the low property values.  How can something this good be bought for a song? Try this with a delicious Spanish Sarabande and a spicy chorizo.

♫ Drink with: J.S. Bach: Suite for Solo Cello no. 2 in D minor Sarabande performed by Ariel Barnes