Artist Wines No. 20


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Château de Gourgazaud, Syrah /Mourvèdre/Carignan, France 2014

Price: $13.99  SBH Rating:  🎶  🎶🎵 🐎 🌄 🍷🍷

Softly sweet at the nose, the Château de Gourgazaud 2014 sports a very stylish combination of licorice, cassis, and unripened blackberries.  Slightly peppery overtones balance with the delicacy of vanilla to complete the ensemble. Drink this wine while sitting on a bale of hay looking out at the sunset and all of your dreams will come true. Except for the one about You-Know-Who. (This wine isn't THAT good.)

♫ Drink with: Dolly Parton & Kris Kristofferson singing "Ping Pong"