Artist Wines No. 23


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Yellow Tail Big Bold Red,  South Eastern Australia, unknown year

Price: $13.99  SBH Rating:   🍒🍓🍒🍇🎈 🔴🍬🍭💘🌹🍓🎵🍷🔴🍬🍭

I might rename this wine as Alarmingly Syrupy Murky...

Still, it grows on you. Like a challenge. You can do it!  The "Big" refers to the overpowering taste of berries, reminiscent of raspberry cordial from Green Gables. The "Bold" refers to the unapologetic existence of this blend. The "Red", well, at the very least, this really could be called Big Bold Murky.

 ♫ Drink with: "U Really Got A Hold On Me