Artist Wines No. 9

ARTIST WINES! - Uncorking musician-priced cellar secrets

Beso de Vino, Old Vine Garnacha, Spain 2011

Price: $12.99  SBH Rating: ♪♬ ☼🌜🎶💄

Kiss of wine? Yes, please!  Wait. What exactly is this wine promising? This is a wine you drink late at night with a very good friend, talking about your fears and dreams while listening to old tunes on vinyl. With a hint of cheap whiskey at the nose, you know you'll be right at home with this beauty. Wood, leather, and a lingering taste of raisin tarts. Even on the 21st floor in the middle of urbanity, you'll be lighting an imaginary fire, thinking of Swiss ski holidays, and toasting good things to come.

Drink with: Dick Haymes singing "You'll Never Know"

Artist Wines No. 5


ARTIST WINES! - Uncorking musician-priced cellar secrets

Jackson Triggs, Proprietors' Selection Shiraz, Blended from Canada and International wines. Unknown year (...always a great sign)

Price: $9.79  SBH Rating: ♬ 🎶 # and a shake of the leg

This is the ultimate artist wine. "Cheap, cheap, cheap," sang the birds, while the musicians exclaimed in surprise, "It doesn't burn going down!"  7 extra points for that, JT! Fruity with hints of bark, you could pour this wine into an empty, much fancier bottle (say, $14), take it to your next party, and maybe, just maybe, get away with it.

Serve with: A dose of Randy Newman's poetic wisdom.

Artist Wines No. 4


ARTIST WINES! - Uncorking musician-priced cellar secrets

Lobatia Tempranillo, Spain 2012

Price: $13.99  SBH Rating: ♪ ♬ 🎶 and 3/5 🌜

This wine is organic. It says so three times on the bottle, so don't forget. This is really an $11.99 bottle of wine (BC pricing) but I'm willing to pay extra for an organic experience. I also blame this excessively grapey vino for my sudden and dramatic programming change for a concert next week. "One more sip and you'll no longer be able to escape Franz Joseph's charms," it taunted me. (That's Joseph Haydn to you.) So here we are. I dedicate the Hoboken XVI: 50 to Lobetia.  If my second movement has hints of clay and lilac, you'll know where my inspiration came from.

Serve with:  The 4th edit of your latest album

Artist Wines No. 3


ARTIST WINES! - Uncorking musician-priced cellar secrets

Campo Viejo Rioja Crianza, Spain 2009

Price: $14.99 (on sale!)  SBH Rating: ♪ ♬ ☼ ♫ ♬ 🎶

Prepare to have visions of prancing around in daisy fields with a mouthful of succulent raspberries. The sun is shining, your arms stretch out in delight, and berry juice delightfully dribbles down your chin. This bottle contains a pinch of excitement, a pint of satisfaction, and a dash of sweet romance. *smack* and a couple of x’s and o’s.

Serve with:  Django Reinhardt’s “Tea for Two”

Artist Wines No. 2


ARTIST WINES! - Uncorking musician-priced cellar secrets

Long Flat Cabernet Shiraz, Australia 2009
Price: $10.99  SBH Rating: ♬ ♯ & a 3/4 🎻

Challenging but intriguing nose. Leathery underbelly, with a mild threat to put hair on your chest.

Really really requires an aged cheddar. Do not mess around with this. If you don't oblige, this wine will literally makes its way to the refrigerator and find the cheese on its own.

Surprisingly cheerful finish. Evidently, this is a wine for optimists!

Serve with:  Beethoven's Sonata Opus 54

Artist Wines No. 1


ARTIST WINES! - Presenting a new series uncorking musician-priced cellar secrets

Root: 1 Cabernet Sauvignon, Colchagua Valley, Chile 2011
Price: $13.99  SBH Rating: ♪♪♪ & 1/2 a 🎸

Floral nose with peppery overtones, a hint of cherry, and lingering essence of Mozart K. 595.  A bit shy to start, but becomes cheekier with each sip.

Pairs well with: Donald Rubinstein's "Paper Pieces for Keyboard" ©2013