Artist Wines No. 4


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Lobatia Tempranillo, Spain 2012

Price: $13.99  SBH Rating: ♪ ♬ 🎶 and 3/5 🌜

This wine is organic. It says so three times on the bottle, so don't forget. This is really an $11.99 bottle of wine (BC pricing) but I'm willing to pay extra for an organic experience. I also blame this excessively grapey vino for my sudden and dramatic programming change for a concert next week. "One more sip and you'll no longer be able to escape Franz Joseph's charms," it taunted me. (That's Joseph Haydn to you.) So here we are. I dedicate the Hoboken XVI: 50 to Lobetia.  If my second movement has hints of clay and lilac, you'll know where my inspiration came from.

Serve with:  The 4th edit of your latest album