Artist Wines No. 18

ARTIST WINES! - Uncorking musician-priced cellar secrets

Cono Sur, Reserva Especial Cabernet Sauvignon, Valle del Maipo 2013

Price: $14.99 or less  (It was a gift, but I was told it fit Artist Wines criteria) SBH Rating:  🎶  🍒  🎼 🌧 ♫ 💪🏻

A lovely string player from the Nanaimo Chamber Orchestra gave me this to review and I was thrilled to do so. Now if only I knew where to buy it! This is a broad-shouldered wine, with strong wallops of raspberries, black cherries and tobacco. The best part was the distinct flavour of petrichor. So much romantic character! This wine insists on company, and by company I mean meat and cheese. Savour this the way Caruso savours his high notes.  

♫ Drink with: Enrico Caruso singing Una Furtiva Lagrima