Artist Wines No. 14

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BBQ, Barbera, Piemonte Italy 2013

Price: $14.75 SBH Rating: ♯🍒🍓♬🐝🌅

There's not a lot of mystery as to where this wine wants to be taken. Yes, bring a bottle of this to your late summer cook-outs, but I warn you: neglect to decant this and you'll have a real whine on your hands. I'm serious. Fresh in the glass this is a cranky, miserable number. Toss it around a bit and after a breath or two of fresh air you'll find yourself with a much more neighbourly pour. Tastes of ripe and satisfyingly tart berries with a hint of campfire smoke.

♫ Drink with: Danny's Song sung by either Kenny Loggins or Anne Murray.